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Can you keep a secret ?


Can you keep a secret ?

“Finding a second earth is not a matter of if, but when” said Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Science Mission Director, commenting on the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star. 

Nowdays, all around the world, an undefined number of people observe the sky in search of extraterrestrial life, looking for a spaceship or a light, or even a glim.

Name is “skywatchers”- latterly, the observer of the sky - they are common people united by the same passion, or maybe a faith, UFOs.

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” Isaac Newton 

Roberto P., Founder and President of the National Ufologic Centre (CUN).

“If one day we would finally get in touch with an unknown, advanced civilization; and if it’s true that they have been flying in our skies for a long time causing us no harm, that we would have to completely review our concept of the world, and build a brand new one.This would necessarily challenge, and ultimately, destroy our selfish view of the world.”

Roma Corviale,

Giulia S. Ufo's passionate during a break of Skywatchers Conference.

During clear nights when the moon is low among the horizon, miles away from the “light pollution” you can find them armed with a laser, a smartphone or binoculars , waiting to film a blink of light.

Fiumicino, Roma. 

The first near miss between a Ufo and a passenger jet happened on December 14th, 1972.

Emanuela G. Psychotherapist.

“I have worked on abductions for the past 15 years, my patients have different backgrounds and come from different social classes. Very often, they need to regain a pieces of forgotten memories through regressive hypnosis or EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)”

Fiumicino ,Rome.

Where the Gruppo Skywatcher Romano gather together to observe the sky.

"...I was abducted at the age of  8 in front of my mother..."

Iwona S.

"I was abducted at the age of 8 in front of my mother"

Giuliano S. Ufo's passionate.

"Since my childhood I dreamed a contact with extraterrestrial life."

These researcher, these contacted to these simple passionates gather themselves in several conferences as also Skywatchers have their own recurring themes: abductions, government plots and a global vision, heritage of an common faith in the “golden age” of fantasy, half retrofuture half New Age.

Few oh them narrate paranormal experiences, parallel dimensions, worlds beyond. 


Planetarium "Ulrico Hoepli".The biggest Planetarium in Italy

Hotel Cosmo , Milan

Hotel cosmo hosted the universal UFO gathering in the 2018.

Potenza (MT) 

Here a Ufo was observed by several people flying over badlands in the ’95.

Fortunato Z., Security guard, abducted by the aliens between 1978 and 1981.

“…I saw strange machinery formed by four sharp glass arrows coming down from the ceiling.
Without me feeling any pain, these arrow pierced my hips, my thighs and my shoulders;
my blood started circulating throughout this machinery, its was pulled out off my body
from one arrow, and re-injected inside by the other…”

“…I saw strange machinery formed by four sharp glass arrows coming down from the ceiling..."

However there have been an interesting number of misteryies  last years: abductions ,animal mutilations, extraterrestrial bases on earth which are going to increase the huge dossiers held by the Italian Military air force since 1978.

Italian Ex senator Giulio Andreotti gave the assignment to the MoD to analyze all the UFO cases.

Viterbo, Rome. 

Here the 12th November 1995 a triangular shaped Ufo was filmed near Rome.


According to Ufologists more than 4 of the 21 Alien bases in Italy are under the sea level.


Undersea phenomenon isn’t new to Ufologist submarines as they have been encountering it since the days of the Area 51.

"...The base was frequented by humans like me…I met some ET, my interlocutor was named Sigir..."

Mirella and Gaspare D. Contacted by the aliens by the 1960 and visited aliens’ basis.

“The base was frequented by humans like me…I met some ET, my interlocutor was named Sigir, he spoke fluent Italian, they can learn a new language in less than 4 days.”

Torriglia. Genoa.

Here Fortunato Z. was abducted in the '70.

Garda lake, .

 Sigir. An alien from Pleia landed to earth during the '70. 

People have their own different experiences as Fortunato , an Italian security guard, adbucted near Genova in the night between the 6th and 7th december 1978 and reappeared the day after; then there is Iwona who, after being abducted at the age of 8, still today looks up in the sky recording all the “strange” sighting she sees.

Hotel Cosmo, Cinisello Balsamo , Milan.

During a World Skywatchers meeting.

Maurizio C., abducted several times between 1979 and ‘81 by the inhabitants of Clarion.

“…I received several telepathic inputs, suggesting me to visit a specific place in the Piemonte’s country side. Once there, I suddenly felt the presence of invisible beings and a dense fog surrounded me… I was then brought to Clarion, one of the many planets forming the Galaxies Confederation, where neither hierarchies nor castes exist. ”

"… I was then brought to Clarion, one of the many planets forming the Galaxies Confederation..."

Milan , 

Reconstruction of the view from ISS Satellite.

Antonio V. Abducted by the aliens in 1998.

“In 1998 I have been abducted and brought on board of a spaceship. There, they treated my hepatitis I’ve suffered for several years. I have also met an alien entity I had a deep friendship with, he comforted me and taught me telepathy as well as several notions of the cosmos. He told me that I had to act soon, as there was a lot to do.”

Giulia S. Ufo’s passionate.
“I don’t know where they come from, nor if they are good or bad, but I am deeply afraid of being kidnapped and having my hair cut by them.”

Zagarolo, Via della Pantanella, Rome.

Ufo shaped House, .

"...It fluctuated like a balloon, but it has its own proper intelligence..."

Ilenia and Pleia, skywatcher.
“I don’t know whether it was a sphere or a disk, but it was flying at a very high speed and it glowed with a soft light.
It fluctuated like a balloon, but it has its own proper intelligence.”


Today Ufology counts several numbers of specialists and researchers and it could be possible to catalogue it as “pseudo-science”; in any case the human being has always observed the sky giving it several and difference meanings and faces, today’s aliens, yesterday angels or gods.

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