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Unstable truce

Unstable Truce

During the night of the 21 November 2013, thousands of citizens gathered in Indipendence square, in Kiev, to protest against President Yanukovych who didn't sign a trade and cooperation dela with E.U.
Moreover the anti-governament protesters accused him to be pro - Russia and Corrupted.
They were asking his resignation and early elections.

Kiev. Riot police stand guard opposite anti-government protesters at a road block in Grushevskiy street.

Meanwhile In and around Donetsk, a region where 38% of the population identifies as ethnic Russian and where only a minority considers Ukrainian their mother language, few people have any appetite whatsoever for war, but separatist sympathies are decidedly strong. In an opinion poll conducted in February, 33% of the region’s residents declared they would support joining Russia. What that number might be today — with Russian troops massing across the border, with Crimea in Russian hands and with the interim Kiev government struggling to win legitimacy in the east — is anyone’s guess.

Donetsk. Pro-Russian demonstrators walk to the district prosecution office.

Kiev. Protesters starts to assembling active squads against the Police. 

Kiev. Anti-government protestors of Pravi sektor take part in a training exercise in Independence Square.

Kiev. Independence Square covered by thrown bricks.

In its Arabic original place roots , the words means “square”, or public place.
But now, Maidan, it means in Ukranian what Greek word “agora”in English , a place where people deliberately meet, precisely in order to deliberate, to speak , and create a political society.
The protest unified people of different beliefs, different backgrounds, race and social classes.

Luhan'k , Donbass. The funeral of Dmytro Cherniavsky, one of the three pro Ukraina that lost their life during the clashes.

Kiev. The Parliament vote for the impeach of President Yanukovych. 

Kiev. Pravy sektor members take part in a march in Independence Square.

Dr. Andriy Porodko inside the International Centre of Culture and Arts used as Hospital.

Kiev. The Hotel Ukraina, a spot where the activists suspect was hid a sniper who killed more than 10 protesters in a day.

Kiev. 18 February, As clashes spread, shooting broke out. Protesters blame the police.

You can find people from many different regions of the country, from all ages. The Christians protested together with Muslims and Jewish. The square has been occupied for more than 3 months , and to avoid the entrance of the riot Police, anti-government protesters have rised barricades with ice bags and snow at the beginning and anything they could fine when the temperature went up and the ice started to melt.

Midan, Kiev. Maidan protesters take a part in a rally.

Kiev. Protesters carry a coffin with a body of an anti government protester.

Kiev. People House. Anti-government protesters captured a "Titusky" after they marked his head with the word "bandit" at the Independence square. Titushkis are the hired by the government guys with criminal past who are beating reporters and anti-government people.

Kiev. Anti-government protestors take part in a march in Kiev.

Kiev. Pravi sektor used to patroling the area  against Tituskis.

Protesters Inside the Theatre , used as encampement.

Kiev. A squad of riot police captured by Anti- Government demonstrators the inside the International Centre of Culture and Arts.

After Viktor Yanukovych's leaving the capital Kiev, the campus containing Yanukovych's residence put under protection by anti government protestors, charms the visitors.

On 18 February, some 20,000 Euromaidan protesters advanced in support of restoring the Constitution to its 2004 form, which had been repealed by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine shortly after Yanukovych was elected president in 2010.

Zytomyr. Thousands of people left the city after the Yanoukovych  dismiss.

Donbass. Pro Russian army patrolling the border with west Ukraine.

Ostrichs inside the Yanukovych villa. The house of Yanukovych include a heliport, boxing ring, places for animals, gas station, a garage for more than 50 cars, a golf range, an artificial lake and waterfalls, many food courts, ships and the scenery of Dnieper River

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